Dharuma Quran Mubaaraayi 2024

Location: Haa Alif, Ihavandhoo — The Dharma Quran Class, a charitable initiative dedicated to spreading the knowledge of the Quran voluntarily, successfully conducted its first Quran recitation competition, titled “Dharma Quran Competition 2024,” on 6th April 2024. The event unfolded in two sessions during the afternoon and evening, engaging a significant turnout of young participants.

Sixty children took part in the competition, with fifty-seven actively competing, showcasing their proficiency in Quran recitation. The competition was organized and overseen by the Dharma Quran Class, which was founded by Ibrahim Moosa of Hora, Ihavandhoo, on September 26, 2022. The movement’s primary goal is to provide free Quranic education to all interested individuals, fostering a deeper connection with the religious text.

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